Ok, so I’m a dirty slacker. That much is a given. I’ve not updated this site in about 6 years and now I’m finally getting around to it. So, I’m working on a couple things. First is a blog page for my wife while she’s homeschooling so she’ll have another outlet other than her Facebook account. I’m working on getting some things in place which is what the “images” icon is to the left. I’m also working a bit on my resume and how to incorporate it into the new site. That means me figuring out how to make a decent theme that looks ok.

Meh – I say “not too shabby” for a guy who has never had any html classes. In other news, I’m not 100% ok with Adobe GoLive but it WAS free and I’ve not found anything else for the mac yet. I used to use Chami’s HTML-Kit but they don’t have a readily available version for the mac and even then its only PPC and not Intel macs. That would mean that I’d have to find a way to get my old mac online (ok, like 5 minutes) and get a new monitor for it. And if I’m doing that then I’m upgrading which means I’m getting at least a 22″ monitor and turning my old PowerMac G5 (2.0GHz schaweet!) into my graphics station. With the “issues” surrounding the imac 20″ and 24″ monitors it would be nice to have a monitor that shows true colors. I can’t explain how annoying it is to spend $1700 on a graphics workstation only to have it show substandard graphics. Bah!

In other news, are you looking for graphic work and stuff? There’s a good chance that we’re going to need some extra income here shortly and I’m going to need to keep some money coming in so we can pay the bills and eat and stuff. I have no idea what to charge for graphic work anyway so you’ll probably get a rockin deal. 🙂 Maybe. I don’t know. All I know is that I hate interviews and I’m not looking forward to that.

Meh – here’s to another 6 years!