I’ve not posted anything in a while so I figure I may as well start. Things have been pretty busy for me so it’s been hard to keep up and I’m reading through the end of Joshua (ch. 19 today) and there’s not a lot to inspire me to rant when I’m just reading about land getting divvied up between the tribes of Israel.

I had a good interview today. I really think I’d be a good fit for that job and I look forward to talking to them some more. There was another position that I was hoping to interview for on Saturday but due to a problem with our VOIP in the house the phone never rang and I didn’t get a message until 6 hours later. That totally sucked.

Anyway, I’m still confident that God will take care of our needs and I know that it will all work out. We serve a God who is always just and who is always good and even when we think that things should have been done differently it’s comforting to know that we’re not in control and that He is. Ultimately, it’s my prayer that whatever God has decided to do with my life will bring Him more glory than it was previously and even if that means that I don’t work for a while or if I shift to a different job entirely then so be it. When I gave my life to Christ, I didn’t hold back and allow Him to only have control over my time at church and keep the rest of the week to myself – I belong only to God and in that I am His to control. There’s a great deal of comfort in that.