I’ve yet to meet anyone who has attacked me for my faith that has said “muslims and jews are just as bad” – most will tell me that I am stupid, worthless, or that I should remove myself from the race of men before I infect anyone else with my idiocy. None of which will say the same for those who believe in other religions. If you want to find yourself on a hill all alone, state in no uncertain terms that you believe that the God of the Bible is the lover of your soul, that your sins which you have committed in abject disregard of the God who created you – whether or not you did them on purpose – have separated you forever and damned you to Hell, and that Christ’s sacrifice which was enacted upon Him not by men but by God the Father who was pleased to see His only Son crushed and who was glad to see His justice driven to its brutal and final end. Tell them that you believe that God is the creator of all things, that there are no errant molecules and that God not only knows all things but by His allowing them to happen, is willing them to take place by not stopping them outright and that the Earth is less than 7,000 years old, as the Bible states.

You will quickly find yourself on a hill all alone with the arrows and spears of hatred and persecution quickly flying in your direction. The first question you must ask yourself is: 1) Will I take this stand and make it known who my savior is and that I stand by Him and what He stood by? If you make that stand, prepare to take a lot of flack for it but know that God will continue to build you up and to strengthen you – just ask for strength and guidance and know that you will not be alone. If you’re not willing to make that stand, remember that regardless of what stance you take on ideas that are “church friendly” will mean nothing if you fail to stand for your faith. Any god that you create for yourself that is separate from the God of the Bible is a god of your own creation.

Is your god unable to create the universe, fully formed and functional in 6 days? Is your god unable to strike those who break his laws? Is your god so uncaring that he will stand for justice against those like Hitler or child molesters but who will overlook your personal abuse of women when you look at pornography? Is the sin any less important because you perform it? If your god changes his ruling based on who performs it or who has a sliding scale for what grants salvation then you serve no god at all but an idol which you have created.

If He was willing to be crushed under God’s righteous indignation and white-hot wrath and yet you’re not willing to take a stand for Him enough to say out loud to someone who you don’t even KNOW and who you may NEVER SEE AGAIN that if they were to be hit by a bus on the way home tonight and were hurtled into eternity without Christ as their sole salvation after God-instituted repentance and faith in their lives that they would be cast into Hell for all eternity – why should He stand up for you? Just because you raise your hand in church or just because you follow along in some prayer but continue in your self indulgence, self worship, and self abuse through hatred (murder), lying, covetousness, pornography or objectifying women to whom you have no right to abuse in your mind – this does not mean that you are saved from anything at all but rather that you should be punished MORE because you HAD the answer, because you had the opportunity and falsely approached it and then blasphemed His holy name by calling yourself a Christian and walking away in your sin.

Call it what you will, if you’re not willing to stand up for what Christ has given you – if you’re not willing to stand up for God alone – why should He stand up for you?