I got an update from my friend who asked about my views on Catholicism:

Thanks for the clarification. As a Catholic, I have struggled with some of the concepts of the religion. I believe, as most Catholics do, that clergy, including Papal leaders are not infallible and are just as human as the rest of us. Although I do pray to Mary for intercessionary prayer and my Patron Saint is the Archangel Michael, I pray directly to God, in the name of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Ultimately, our salvation lives in Him.

I certainly respect your opinion and appreciate your candor.

God Bless!

My biggest fear would be that your prayers would fall on deaf ears. Would you pray to a door post or a potted plant? In the same way, praying to the dead gives you not only no help but it falls into idol worship. Imagine that someone who is near and dear to your heart dies, and I assume that they are the doorway to God for me and start praying to them, even building shrines or holding onto a piece of their clothing. Would I be wrong to do so? Of course I would! And you, knowing that I would be wrong, would be held accountable for not saying so to me. In the same way, we are told by Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, high Priest, and King, that through Him alone do we reach the Father. There is no intercessory prayer necessary – God is always available for you and if you are saved then your prayers are brought immediately to the throne room of God.