To whom does the glory of your salvation belong?  Think back to the testimony you give to your friends, co-workers, and family – what is the crux of this conversation?  “When I said the prayer…”, “When I raised my hand…”, “When I gave my heart to Jesus…”, “When I was baptized…”, “When I surrendered my life to His…”, “When I recognized the depth of my sin before the cross of Christ and I repented of my sins before Him…”  To whom does the glory of your salvation belong?  If your salvation story depends on your action before a holy and perfect God, then to whom does the glory and honor for your salvation truly belong?  It’s not when “I” did anything, but when GOD did something.  He is the one to whom all glory and power and honor belongs.  Who are we to ascend to His high and holy mountain?  Is it me who is just and righteous before the Lord?  Is it me who is clean before His judgment?  Is it me who is perfect in His presence?  Are even my thoughts or intentions clean before Him?  NO!  There is none that seeks after God!  Even the “seeker” is evil in every thought and action.  God is righteous in His judgment against them when He damns them to Hell for refusing to bend the knee to the one who died for them on their behalf.  It is the sins that we have committed that condemn us to Hell!  Our refusal to accept His judgment, or our final destination have no bearing on this decision.  Who is it who saves us from the consequence of our sins?  Who is the righteous one?  Who is the one to whom we should all turn for the work that was done on our behalf? 
JESUS!  He is the only one who lived a perfect life that neither you nor I could ever live!  He is the one who has right and authority to step boldly into the throne room of God!  He is the one has the right to declare that we are made perfect in HIM!  He is the one who has the power to save!  It is by His Holy Spirit that we are regenerated!  It is by The decision of the Father alone that we are chosen to be saved!  Who are we to decide that God should save us?  Does that which is molded have the right to say to the molder, “Why have you made me like this?”  Has the potter no right over the clay, to make out of the same lump one vessel for honorable use and another for dishonorable use?  God alone is the one who has the right and authority to declare over His own creation that which seems good and right in His eyes.  More than that, it’s not that God is standing at the gate of Heaven, declaring to millions who come thronging to His temple, “Yes, Yes” to some and “No, No” to others.  Everyone is running away from Him as fast as they possibly can.  I was running to Hell as fast as I possibly could!  It was the work of God alone who saw me on my path to damnation who stepped in and chose me out and stopped me in my tracks.  He appealed to my conscience, showed me the depth of my sins before Him, and revealed to me the destination of my own decisions.  It is God who did these things before me and who is utterly responsible for my current condition.  It is the power and might, and foresight of God alone by which I am saved. 
To whom does the glory of my salvation belong?  GOD!  He is the one who called me out!  He is the one who did the work in my life to turn me around!  He is the one who secures me firmly in His hands.  What is the alternative?  That I chose to be saved of God?  Then who holds me fast in my salvation?  If it is by my own hand that I am saved, then it is my own hand that secures me!  My weak and frail hand that binds me to the cross of Christ!  What then if I am convinced that my salvation is invalid?  What then if I am moved to release my grip on the salvation that He has provided?  Then there is no help for me and I am damned for all eternity!  Should Christ be recrucified again on my behalf?  Certainly not!  There is but one crucifixion for all – there is one payment for all.  It is therefore the work of God alone that saves us from our sins.  Our salvation is by the hand of God alone!  From our selection by the hand of God to our conversion, to the work of God in keeping us firmly to the cross of Christ until our restoration in glory.  It is all by the hand of God alone. 
To whom does the glory, power, and honor for my salvation belong?  To God!  He is the author of my salvation, and one who holds me firmly to Him.  It is Jesus to whom our praise should be directed!  He is the one to whom we will call out “WORTHY!” for eternity to come!