This may be the only time that I’ll be able to say this, but it looks like Justin Taylor got something wrong. The image he’s using on his blog is incorrect.

What he says, though, is mostly correct. While I am a friend user of the Way of the Master tracts, and have been known to tract while tipping at a restaurant, I never, ever, do so without leaving at least a 25% tip. Using a gospel tract instead of a tip is harmful to the gospel and a bad witness to the lost as it tells them that you love them enough to tell them about the God they don’t believe in but that you don’t want to feed their families.

The tracts themselves, however, are great and have been known to open the door for a large number of witness encounters. They rightly proclaim the law and the true gospel of Jesus Christ. They do, however, need to be used with some wisdom. I never give them to the homeless, nor do I to someone who is obviously hurting for money. When drive-through tracting (pay for the person behind you and leave them a tract as a gift with their food), parade tracting, or line tracting, just simply ask if people want them. If those tracts aren’t for you, they have MANY more to choose from.

The “real” fake Living Waters “Million Dollar Bill” tract.