While browsing around on my Google Reader today I found some great articles on apologetics, specifically related to the scientific evidence related to the age of the earth, radiometric dating methods, the scientific method, and a biblical Christian response to each. These are presented by the Answers in Genesis group (who own the Creation Museum and are currently working on building a full scale Ark) and they are always firmly seated in a deep foundation of both scientific and biblical roots. Each of these resources are snippets from their books (Evidence Exposed: Earth Science and Evidence Exposed: Biology) which detail the problems with current textbooks, teaching methods, and bad science that is being pressed into the minds of our children.

I cannot recommend this information to any Christian enough. These tools enable us to have a concise and ready defense against the “apparent evidences” that atheists and agnostics currently hurl against the Bible, the church, and Jesus Himself.

Here are the last six installments with more to come on their website (you can subscribe to their RSS feed here):

Chapter 1: “What is Science”

Chapter 2: “The Big Bang?”

Chapter 3: “Origin of the Solar System”

Chapter 4: “Dating Methods”

Chapter 5: “Age of the Solar System”

Chapter 6: “Geologic Column”