What is the point of asking to know anything about God without first understanding that, if God does exist, then we are His creation and, as a result, everything we do, reveals our view of God. This is not a question of whether or not He exists, since everyone knows this in their inmost being, as revealed to us through nature and our own conscience. This is no question at all but an observation. If you parade around your life like you are the master of your own destiny, you are telling the world that you believe that God has no bearing on you or your life. If you did believe that God is the God as described to us in the Bible, then you would want to read more about Him to see what kind of God He is and what He requires of you. He has written you a book, through human authors, to tell you about Himself and about your relationship with Him. It would seem only fair then to pay attention to what He has to say. Is He a kind God? Is he ruthless to His enemies? What defines His nature and, if He requires anything of you, what would it be? This is the heart of the person who trusts in the God of the Bible.

Does this describe you? Did you know that Jesus is the God of the Bible? If you call yourself a Christian, would you define yourself as a follower of the God of the Bible? Do you seek to know more about Him as He has revealed Himself in scripture? Do you refute what He says about Himself or His laws? What about what the Bible has to say about pornography (Matthew 5:27-28) or anger (Matthew 5:22-23)? What about what it has to say regarding being content with what you have (covetousness – Exodus 20:17) or homosexuality (Romans 1:18-32)? Do you agree with what God has said about Himself? Do you even know what it says about these things? If not, what does that say about your view of God? If you refuse to believe what God says about Himself in the Bible, then are you a Christian at all?

For how can the idea of God enter your mind without instantly giving rise to the thought, that since you are his workmanship, you are bound, by the very law of creation, to submit to his authority?—that your life is due to him?—that whatever you do ought to have reference to him? If so, it undoubtedly follows that your life is sadly corrupted, if it is not framed in obedience to him, since his will ought to be the law of our lives. On the other hand, your idea of his nature is not clear unless you acknowledge him to be the origin and fountain of all goodness. Hence would arise both confidence in him, and a desire of cleaving to him, did not the depravity of the human mind lead it away from the proper course of investigation.

~ Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book 1, Chapter 2, Part 2, by John Calvin