This is a snippet from my regular Bible reading video series from today, August 24th ( Romans 14 is one of those sections of scripture where there seems to be a lot of struggle on the internet. People will, standing on what they see as good theological reasons, beat other Christians repeatedly until they either ignore them or fall into line with their views. This is not how Paul would have us treat our fellow Christians. Obviously if the other Christian is in grievous sin we should, following Jesus’ example in Matthew 18, confront this other Christian about their sin and help them to work through their struggle, but for the most part Christians arguing with other Christians on the internet, in the church or in the street are only doing so to pad their own preconceived notions of superiority, or holiness or misplaced self-righteousness. This does not honor God and it should be avoided at all costs.

So follow along with me as I unpack this text a little, and I hope that it will help you to seek to do that which glorifies God in your discussions with other Christians.