Thoughts on people calling for boycotting BP:

How are they going to afford to pay to clean it up if we take away their profits? More than that, from my understanding, they followed every precaution necessary and something horrible happened, something that has never, ever, happened before and they’re putting every possible resource on fixing this problem.

God saved me when I not only brought nothing to the table, but I had been stealing from Him by using His oxygen and drinking His water and using His resources and never even thanked Him. I then took the next step and directly disobeyed Him at every turn. Given that, and the fact that He still did the work necessary to save me, who am I to look at a company that, from all appearances, did everything they could do to prevent this kind of problem and, now that a once in a lifetime event has occurred, they are putting every possible resource into fixing this problem.

Grace, not anger, is needed here. If anything, they need our help, not our boycots. How many people are so willing to attack the company and attempt to drive down their profits but not take a week’s vacation to drive down there and help with the cleanup process? Would they have preferred that God would stand by and banish them to Hell every time they fail to reach His standards? Maybe we should follow Christ’s example and offer more grace and support where it’s needed.