People often talk about the streets of gold in heaven or the mansions or even seeing Jesus face to face as what they can’t wait for in Heaven. For me, it’s simpler than that. I want to be stripped of my desire to sin. I want to know that I am no longer capable of causing harm to the name of Christ through my actions, intentions, words, and thoughts. I want to know that I cannot cause harm to the God who saved me – who, upon each and every sin that I now commit, while wholly understanding what Christ had to endure to purchase my salvation, He is made to experience more pain and more suffering in my place because of my own short-term desire for satisfaction. I want to be rid of the “me” that Jesus died to redeem, and finally be able to sit back and revel in the work that He has done on my behalf. I don’t want riches, or crowns, or honor – I want peace. Peace from my self, and peace to finally be able to thank the God who saved me with a clean heart and a clear mind.